Steaming in a pot


After printing the fabric I wanted to test the steaming process that I would use at school and see how it worked with the natural dyes. I built a little chicken wire bowl that is about three inches from the bottom and an inch away from the sides of a large pot. I took some string and connected it to the handles of the pot and the chicken wire. The fabric must be wrapped in a drop cloth or newsprint and rolled up so that none of the printed fabric touches other parts of the printed fabric. I just rolled it up and tied it with string, then set in in the chicken wire. There should be about an inch of water at the bottom of the pot to boil so it will steam up into the fabric. Then finally cover the pot with a towel (so water doesn’t drip on your print) and your pot lid. I usually steam it for about an hour.



After steaming you rinse the fabric.



With this yardage I plan to make a small batch of shirts. I dyed the front of the shirt I will be making in indigo.


I also decided to dip the printed fabric in a stepdown cochineal/myrobalan batch to make the fabric more pinky yellow after Ali dipped a shirt.



Something Ali pointed out recently was that out the side of the shop there was a very abundant amount of madder growing. It is the little white flowering plant, the leaves feel like velcro.


Ali’s cat Noppet was found sleeping on the serger box in the shop.


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